Awakening to the sound of roosters crowing, birds chirping and street dogs barking at 5am. Morning yoga. Mashed green bananas on sweet toast. Black tea with honey. Up to the roof to take snaps. Beautiful mountainous backdrop, foggy clouds, hundreds of toy cottages tumbled in on top of each other within a maze of winding, sloping streets. Multicolour everywhere, laundry hanging on washing lines, bunting and flags flutter in the warm breeze. Sunshine. Wet bare feet.

Taking a walk to the projects, I discover that Kathmandu is an explosion of colour and sound. Vibrant, ornate. Prayer flags, sparkling saris, dyes, garlands, petals, strings, bracelets… It’s so busy here, an organised chaos, everyone is doing something, children are playing and laughing in the street; cricket, chasing, impromptu slides made from flattened bottles and ramps. Hectic main roads, constant beeping from the Suzuki Swift taxi cabs, brilliant in their decor and craziness. Incense is wafting, music playing, chanting, bells ringing, drums being pounded in the background at a local festival. Yet this is strangely soothing, peaceful and calm. A rhythm my soul understands.

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